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Meat Bear Claw

Unleash your inner beast and shred that meat in seconds, like you’re a bear dominating in the woods. Typical steak knives, forks, and other kitchen cutlery will unnecessarily delay your shredding job for minutes and possibly hours. Forget that! Use these simple, yet incredibly powerful meat claws to save you valuable time. These tools are the answer for shredding your perfectly cooked pork!

MORE THAN JUST MEAT SHREDDERS – While these shredding forks let you tear, carve, and slice your way through meat, they are also perfect for pulling pork, shredding chicken, beef, brisket, turkey, poultry, hams, roasts, lifting turkey, spaghetti, large vegetables, tossing salads, and more! But wait, check this out, you can use them to hold and carry hot items. Heck, get creative and use a claw to stabilize your melon while you cut it so you don’t accidentally slice your finger. Genius!

COMFORTABLE – Claw your way through the meat and never burn your hands again. These bad boys are comfortable to use and let you control your shredding speed. Say goodbye to stupid hand cramps and hello to slicing meat as if you were ripping through the tin foil with a samurai sword.

EASY TO CLEAN – Don’t stress out about cleaning anymore. These claws require no disassembly and the meat doesn’t get stuck on them. They’re tough as nails and are completely dishwasher safe!

Meat Bear Claw


Food Grade PP

BBQ Meat Claws

Dimension: 11*11*1.8CM

Weight: 0.04kg/pcs